Sika®-1 Structural Waterproofing


Sika was founded in 1910 when Kaspar Winkler invented the quick setting, waterproof admixture known today as Sika-1. The invention of Sika-1 allowed the Swiss Railway companies to complete the construction of the Gotthard Tunnel, creating a vital link between Northern and Southern Europe.

Since its inception Sika has become a world leading company in the production and manufacturing of advanced waterproofing admixtures and waterproof systems. Continually at the fore front of innovation and technology, Sika constantly improves on its products and always seeks new ways in manufacturing what has become the gold standard in waterproofing admixtures.

At Universal Basement Waterproofing Ltd the use of Sika-1 has become absolutely essential, its incredibly durable and reliable waterproofing qualities when added to a render mix make it a first choice when it comes to implementing a “Type A” waterproofing system in your home or property.

With the innovative nature of the Sika products we often find that there are many advantages to the application of their systems. Sika-1 render admixture for example is a highly adaptive material that can be applied to any pre-existing shape in construction, because of this it can be used in a whole series of varying spaces and buildings. The use of a render ad-mixture such as Sika-1 can dramatically improve any property suffering with damp or water damage, it is specifically designed as a “Type A” waterproofing system, this mean that it actively puts a stop to the continuation of water ingress through the substrate that the render is applied to.

Render ad-mixtures such as Sika-1 are highly sought-after products, especially in properties where space is considered a premium. The application of sika-1 render saves on wall space within a property as no further wall construction is required after its successful installation. Once the render has been applied, it can be directly plastered onto and then decorated, greatly reducing the amount of work required to make a watertight property with a high level state-of-the-art waterproofing system.

Sika®-1 Render admixture (2 coat)

The Sika-1 admixture can be applied in various ways. Firstly, it can be applied in a two-part system, this system is specifically designed for the protection of a property that suffers from dampness. Usually a two-coat system will be applied in above ground scenarios where there is no hydrostatic pressure behind the walls that the render is being applied to. 

Sika-1 admixture applied in two coats is phenomenal at creating a dry environment for you to enjoy where you have had trouble with damp in the past. The system is relatively quick and efficient to install, and it requires absolutely no future maintenance work. Once it has been installed it designed to remain robust and durable for many years. The advantage of this system is that your property can be watertight and keep out the ingress of damp, whilst being able to keep your valuable space intact as well.

Sika®-1 Structural Waterproofing (4 coat)

The advanced admixture solution that is Sika-1 can also be used in situations where structures are put under heavy pressure from high water pressures (hydrostatic pressure). This is a common scenario that you may find in a structure that is sitting below ground level, a basement for example.

Below ground, you will likely find that at least one of the interior walls is what is known as “Earth Retaining”. This means that the wall has been constructed directly against the earth that surrounds the below ground structure. Earth is consisted of mud, rocks, water etc. it is an incredibly porous combination of differing natural materials making it very easy for water and moisture to travel amongst.

When this moisture eventually hits the substrate of the wall in a basement for example it will then attempt to continue its journey via the many capillaries found in a substrate material such as concrete or it will find a weak joint in the construction and begin to leak into the once dry structure. 

A four coat Sika-1 render is designed to be applied in this very scenario. It is recommended that this system is followed for below ground structures as each coat that is applied plays a vital role in the fight against the ingress of damp. 

The then applied four coats ensures a complete coverage of the area that requires the remedial work carried out. Safeguarding that there are no weak points in the area in question. The four coat Sika-1 admixture render is applied in a total thickness of between 18-25mm, meaning that similarly to the two-coat application it still does not encroach on the space within the structure or property. 

As an extension to this, thicknesses of the render can exceed the minimum required depth, this may be required when a client seeks the “making good” of an area. In many cases the substrate where the render is being applied is not always square and true. The use of the Sika-1 incorporating render is that our technicians can dynamically improve the aesthetic that was previously there, a damaged or warped wall can be built out to provide a client with pristine square walls to improve the appearance of the space. 

Sika®-1 Spritz Mortar

The Sika-1 Spritz Mortar is part of the four-coat render system as mentioned above. The ‘spritz’ coat creates a bonding platform for the next set of coats to be applied to. The Sika-1 Spritz Mortar coat is cast onto the substrate, this method of application ensures a strong bond between substrate and render. 

SikaDur® – Combiflex® SG

The Sikadur®– Combiflex® SG System is a high-performance joint sealing system for construction, expansion and connection joints as well as for cracks. When fixed to the joint it allows irregular and high movement in more than one direction, whilst maintaining a high-quality seal. 

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