Property Refurbishment

Property Refurbishment

Property refurbishment may often become a complex task involving a multitude of tradesmen.  As our key strength is in the construction of newly built homes from start to finish, we employ all the trades you will require to complete your Project, with just one firm employed. We pride ourselves on military-like precision and planning, we will take a complex project and execute it in an orderly manner through careful planning and intelligent Project management.

Our Tradesmen are highly skilled and experienced and will care for your home, reliable, honest, and good men.  You are welcome to visit a live Project and speak with our client to reassure you of our respected reputation for reliability and high standards which we are proud to say are second to none. Some of our clients are the wealthiest in the UK as you can imagine desire the most superior standard of workmanship, this standard applies to all our clients, for your project also.

The right way to approach an involved Property Refurbishment is to produce a detailed scope of works or bill quantities in an Excel format so that each task and each product is agreed in advance. You may be surprised at how much changes along the way as you enjoy improving on your design or making an alternate product choice and it is with this same spreadsheet that we can record omitted items or record a new task or product.

You may also have employed or request we employ an Architect to help you design and produce plans for your scheme, they can also assist and contribute to this document. Typically, a scope of work will cost from £500.00+VAT to £2,850.00+VAT. This detailed written specification ensures your project will run within budget and enables you to feel rest assured knowing what to expect and which materials and products will be installed.

We are happy to work alongside your designers or Architects; or if you prefer to keep both elements within our contract, we can employ S. Graham Architects and Nick Auston Design on your behalf.

Our vision is to transform the standard of UK housebuilding, with our own unique brand stamp of quality that is second to none. We encourage the view of future-proofing your home with the use of the latest materials and technologies.

If you are looking for the best Firm in the UK to manage your Project, please look no further.

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