Queensmill Road

Installing Delta Membrane System at a location prone to flooding

Queensmill Road, London


The installation of an effective waterproofing system is crucial, especially in areas with a high risk of flooding or significant external water pressure. The Delta Membrane Cavity Drain Membrane System is designed to address these challenges, making it an ideal choice for such scenarios. A case study that illustrates the effectiveness of this system is the Queensmill Road Project.

Case Study: Queensmill Road Project – Installing Delta Membrane System

Project Overview

  • Location: Queensmill Road, a location prone to flooding and high external water pressure.
  • Challenge: The primary challenge was to implement a waterproofing solution capable of managing significant water ingress and preventing basement flooding.
  • Solution: Installation of the Delta Membrane Cavity Drain Membrane System.

Key Features of the Delta Membrane Cavity Drain Membrane System

  • Designed for High Water Pressure Areas: The system is specifically engineered to handle basements surrounded by high external water pressure, making it an ideal choice for Queensmill Road.
  • Management of Water Ingress: The concept of the system is ingenious – when water penetrates the area, it is directed behind the membrane, flows into drainage channels, and is then efficiently pumped out by a sump pump.

Project Highlights and Benefits

  1. Effective Water Management: At Queensmill Road, the installed system successfully managed water ingress, preventing any flooding in the basement, despite the area’s propensity for high water levels.
  2. Compliance with British Standards: All our designs, including the one implemented at Queensmill Road, comply with the British Standard for the protection of structures against ground water (BS8102: 2009). This compliance ensures that our solutions are not only effective but also meet the highest industry standards.
  3. Customized Solution: Understanding the unique challenges of Queensmill Road, the system was tailored to address the specific needs of the site, ensuring optimal performance in water management.
  4. Long-term Durability: The Delta Membrane System’s design and installation at Queensmill Road provided a durable, long-lasting solution to water ingress, significantly reducing the need for ongoing maintenance and repairs.
  5. Client Satisfaction and Peace of Mind: The successful implementation of the system at Queensmill Road resulted in high client satisfaction. The property owners were reassured by the system’s ability to protect their basement from flooding, offering them peace of mind, especially during adverse weather conditions.
  6. Cost-Effectiveness: The installation of the Delta Membrane System at Queensmill Road proved to be a cost-effective solution in the long run. By effectively managing the water ingress, it prevented potential structural damages and the associated repair costs.

In summary, the Queensmill Road Project serves as a significant case study for the effectiveness of the Delta Membrane Cavity Drain Membrane System in locations prone to flooding and high external water pressure. Our approach, adhering to British Standards and focusing on customized, durable solutions, ensured the successful waterproofing of the basement at Queensmill Road, demonstrating our commitment to providing superior and reliable waterproofing services.

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