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Basement Construction & Structural Waterproofing London

Basement Construction to eradicate damp problems

Structural waterproofing /  Basement Construction London – Structural waterproofing involves waterproofing systems applied to structures with earth retaining walls. This means that the wall has been constructed directly against the earth that surrounds the below-ground structure. Earth consists of mud, rocks, water, etc.

It is an incredibly porous combination of differing natural materials, making it very easy for water and moisture to travel through. When this moisture eventually hits the substrate of the wall in a basement, for example, it will then attempt to continue its journey via the many capillaries found in a substrate material such as concrete, or it will find a weak joint in the construction and begin to leak into the once dry structure.

The waterproofing products that we install at Universal Basement Waterproofing are essential to the long-lasting success of each project. Over more than 50 years of trading, we have continually improved our product range with materials that excel at the optimum price.

All our Technicians are experienced and approved Delta, Koster and Sika Products installers and work to precise manufacturers’ standards.

When waterproofing a structure, problem-solving and precise design are key.

(On numerous occasions, we have been called in to repair work completed by third parties where the installation of structural waterproofing products by untrained and unqualified workers has led to Problems).

Our surveyors and installers are experienced, and our designs are fully GUARANTEED.

Many property owners with vaults see them as damp, unusable space. We have years of experience in converting vaults into a usable asset for the property.

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