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Delta Membranes

Delta Membranes Systems Ltd is a world leader in providing waterproofing systems, specifically manufactured for new, retrofit and refurbishment construction. With over 125 years of manufacturing experience they have become masters of producing the highest quality Type C waterproofing products.

At Universal Basement Waterproofing Ltd, we supply and install trusted Delta Membrane products. Delta Membrane Systems have trained our Technicians to understand the use, theory and practical application of every Delta product we install. Our long-established relationship with Delta Membranes means we have a direct line of contact with senior Technical Support Team support and Chris Burbridge their esteemed Managing Director who never fails to answer a call or email query, he is truly one in a million gentlemen.

Delta MS-500 Membrane 

Delta MS-500 is a market leading cavity drain system membrane that can be used for waterproofing walls, floors and vaulted ceilings both above and below ground. The MS-500 membrane can be installed in new constructions as well as existing buildings over a damp background.

This particular Delta Membrane product consists of an 8mm studded profile, high density polyethylene (HDPE). Its application is appropriate for the installation on internal facing walls and floors. It is a water controlling and drained management system which offers elite level protection for sub-ground structures from the ingress and damaging effects of water and damp.

The Delta MS-500 membrane is used in conjunction with a varying array of Delta Cavity Drainage Solutions, all of which Universal Basement Waterproofing Ltd are approved to install.

Delta MS-20 Membrane 

Similar to the Delta MS-500 membrane, the MS-20 membrane system is constructed of high-density Polyethylene (HDPE). The difference between the two however is that the MS-20 membrane consists of a 20mm studded profile which gives the product much higher strength and durability.

With the space to hold a considerably large amount of water, this is ideally suited for floor application. At Universal Basement Waterproofing Ltd we consider the Delta MS-20 Membrane the best solution for basement floor drainage.

AlertMaxx2 – High Level Alarm and Monitoring System

The AlertMaxx2 is a high-water level alarm and monitoring system which works in conjunction with your sump pump and connects via your WiFi internet connection. The AlertMaxx2 monitors the pump stations performance which not only improves efficiency but also reduces energy consumption.

The AlertMaxx2 uses highly intelligent sensors that carry out regular health checks on your sump pumps performance and condition.

AlertMaxx2 will be able to keep a track of how your drainage system is operating at any given time, and in the unlikely situation that you would be alerted, you can be rest assured that the Delta AlertMaxx2 will inform you when you most need to know. 

Delta V3 Dual Sump Pump for Basement & Cellar Drainage

Delta’s Dual V3 Sump Pump is specifically designed to work under the most arduous of environments. The Dual V3 pump station works directly with the Delta Cavity Drainage System to collect ground water via a perimeter channel or 110mm pipe (Delta 129 detail). 

The Delta V3 pumps are highly reliable, with one pump acting as back up to the first, used in conjunction with the AlertMaxx2 and Battery back-up heights with a state-of-the-art ground water drainage system that will keep any home or property dry and free from risk of water and damp damage.

Dual V3.1 Sump Pump for below ground drainage

The Dual V3.1 package pump station has been specifically designed for where space is limited or for jobs where 1 or less 110mm inlet/spigot is required.

The Dual V3.1 is suitable for collecting ground water and grey water waste from showers and hand basins but not foul waste from a WC and the two should never be mixed.

The Dual V3.1 Sump Pump effectively works in the exact same manner as the previously described Dual V3 Sump Pump.

PowerMaxx Battery Back-up Basement Protection

The Delta PowerMaxx Battery Back-up unit provides reliable battery backup in the scenario where a power failure occurs, this absolutely ensures that you property stays dry even during a power outage for example. 

In the situation of a bad power outage the battery back-up unit will kick in and keep your sump pumps running as effectively and efficiently as ever. A flooded property can result in the unwanted expense of costly repair work, so why take the risk?

DualProof – Pre-applied, fully bonded membrane

Delta DualProof is a product that creates a full and permanent bond, it is a pre-applied membrane that is installed prior to the steel reinforcement is fitted and the concrete is poured. The membrane consists of a dual layer, highly flexible PVC, which is laminated with a non-woven PP-fleece.

The DualProof membrane is installed without the use of heat of an open flame, the membrane is designed specifically to attach itself directly to the concrete, keeping out ground water/damp, and natural gases.

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